Your choice based on your needs

The investment you are making can be structured as project based or retainer:

Project Based

A good choice for a one time project, whether setting up the original template for your materials or preparing for an important prospect meeting

Some Considerations:


The investment is known upfront with no overruns

–A fixed timeframe


There may be additional edits and improvements not considered within the original project scope.  For example, investors may respond to a slightly tweaked message.


For those interested in the set up and ongoing servicing; ie, adjusting based on how the message resonates, incorporating additional market data, and regular periodic updates.

Some Considerations:


–We’re always at the ready to help your message resonate

–Updates to your content as you get client feedback or markets change


Your investment’s cost is not pre-determined


An independent contractor agreement with clauses addressing the following: Scope of Work, Compensation and Expenses, Confidential Information, Indemnification, Other terms as needed, Contract Termination.