IMS Exists to Benefit Your Business

Who you are

Capital Seekers: Your time is spent launching your venture and you need a pitchbook to showcase your product
Established Managers: Those that need a little extra help from time to time and don’t want to hire additional staff
PR Firms: Focus on your client’s positioning and strategic efforts, not drafting presentations and reports
IR and Marketing Professionals: We can support your sales efforts so you have more time to get the message out


Service: Our motivation is to support you so you can work smarter for your clients and so your business can grow
Alignment: We’ll strive to collaborate seamlessly with your firm.
Resonance: Our collaboration’s goal is for your clients to understand how you’re benefiting them

Want to be even more productive and efficient?

Have too much to do and not enough time?
Offloading administrative marketing tasks frees up your capacity to focus on growing your business.

About IMS

I’ve been a registered client service rep., private banker, relationship manager and product specialist serving both institutions and high net worth investors within fund of funds groups both large and small.  All roles working with clients in a consultative capacity providing them with what they need.  Now I’m specializing in collaborating with financial and healthcare clients to help their messages resonate.
Confucius is reputed to have said “People have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.”
After spending the early part of my career working for alternative asset managers, I began to search for a more focused path through which my time and energy could be used to serve others. I believe my “highest and best use” is to help people be at their “highest and best use”. The result of that belief is Investor Management Solutions.